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3D Number plates are increasing in popularity throughout the UK. Create your own 3d Gel Number Plates and buy online. Fast delivery and low prices! Please note we are currently out of stock of 3D Gel
3D Number plates are increasing in popularity throughout the UK. Create your own 3d Gel Number Plates and buy online. Fast delivery and low prices! Please note we are currently out of stock of 3D Gel

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5 out of 5 stars
John V - November 29, 2020

Great service and plates arrived on time. Plates exactly as advertised. Would highly recommend.

5 out of 5 stars
Tom S - November 29, 2020

Absolutely brilliant! Colourful, different, stands out with my personal plate & legal. The ordering service couldn’t have been easier.

5 out of 5 stars
George P - November 29, 2020

I’ve ordered at least 4 times over the years from Show Plates Express. I can not fault the easy of ordering, quality and turnaround time. Will always order only through them. Highly recommended company

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Alan T - November 29, 2020

Ordered a set of plates, came exactly how I ordered in good clean condition with the personalisation I ordered. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Show Plates Express for a fast friendly service. Thank you

5 out of 5 stars
Robertson C - November 29, 2020

Exactly what I ordered. Good quality product, very professional and courteous service and a quick delivery. Highly recommended company.

3D Number Plates Top FAQ’s

Are 3D Number Plates legal?

3D or two-tone effect is perfectly legal on a UK registration plate.  In order to make entirely sure your gel number plate is compliant with UK legislation, the characters must conform to the standard specifications described in the regulations but an approved plate-maker will be well aware of these.  The 3D domed gel finish is compliant with UK law.

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Do 3D Number Plates pass the MOT?

A car’s number plate is one of the points listed for testing on the current annual MOT.  A car can fail with what is called a ‘major’ if the plate is so insecure it is in imminent danger of falling off or the registration number is actually incorrect, the plate has not been made to comply with UK legislation or it is illegible either obscured by dirt, cracks or chips.  Gel Number Plates will pass the MOT but only if they do not infringe the failure categories just described, for example, a gel number plate that is cracked or very dirty could constitute an MOT fail.

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How are 3D Number Plates made?

The first step is to print and then cut out the correct, legally compliant characters so the letters and numbers which will be used to form the registration.  Next top quality resin is applied to these and they are then baked in a low heat oven, purpose-built for the task in order to ensure there is no bubbling from the gel resin.  The characters are then removed from the oven and left to cool and solidify.  Once they are ready, the adhesive backing is peeled away and they are placed on the plate.  As a final flourish, they are put through a roller to ensure they are completely smooth without the doming suffering any ill effects or blistering.


3D Number Plates Guide

Creating a gel number plate is a sure-fire quality finishing touch for your motor and you can relax because it is totally road legal providing you comply with the usual regulations set out for number plates in the UK.

Creating a road-legal gel number plate

An approved plate maker will know that the designated font – and there is only one – is Charles Wright 2001.  The size of the characters must be 79m high and 50mm wide with the thickness prescribed at 14mm.  The plate must be made from a reflective material, white with black characters on the front of the vehicle and yellow with black characters on the rear.  There are other rules which set out the spacing between the characters and the central gap between the age identifier and the three random letters.  You can also use country flags from a defined list.  As a premium plate option, all this can be created with a polyurethane gel finish which gives the characters a super shiny black finish along with a raised profile.  Gel number plates are such a great way to stand out from the crowd and add the finishing touch to a quality vehicle without breaking the law.

Is the whole plate made out of gel resin?

The whole plate is not made from gel, only the characters are finished in a black resin gel.  The rest of the plate is usually made from a high-quality acrylic which is reflective in order to comply with the change in the law in 2001.

3D number plates are so attractive in terms of their look and finish that they are not just popular for road use.  Gel plates are a desirable option for show plates both on and off the vehicle.  If you are looking for a show plate for commercial premises as decoration or as a gift then a gel number plate is the ultimate in quality.  For a personalised registration plate, a gel number plate shows off a private registration to perfection.  The inky black 3D domed effect is so eye-catching.

Hard-wearing and durable

Gel resin 3D plates are just as h2 and long-lasting as a standard alternative.  The gel is weatherproof, scratch-resistant and car wash friendly so they will not deteriorate or lose their sparkle in hard working conditions.

Gel number plates are a great way to customise your vehicle without breaking the law or having to go to the expense of buying a private plate.  Italic characters were popular a decade or so ago but these have been deemed to be unclear and are now illegal.  Rearranging characters or changing the spacing is also a no go area if you want to remain within the law so gel plates, which have been in use for some time on high-end vehicles, are a great way to add style and class to your vehicle.