What are showplates?

A show plate is a number plate that is used for show purposes. They are most often used to show classic cars, modified cars and for other non-road use such as in car sales rooms. As show plates are not officially for road use they don’t need to comply with the legal regulations that number plates adhere to – allowing you total freedom when designing your plates to add different fonts, spacing, colours, logos and images.

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What are replacement plates and why might I need them?

Replacement plates are exactly what they sound like – a legal replacement for your numberplate. If you have been involved in an accident that has damaged your plates, your plates have become worn and unreadable or are showing damage from bad weather, you will need to order a replacement plate(s). If you don’t then you could find yourself issued with a fixed penalty fine which can be up to £1000. If you have a vehicle with an illegal display on the number plate then this can be the cause of an MOT test failure.

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Are your road legal plates really legal?

If you select ‘road legal’on our plate builder then that’s what you’ll be making! This option gives you the choice of imagery, fonts or borders to the plate that are in-line with DVLA legal numberplate requirements.

Our plates are all built to British Standard and include a small British Standard number on the bottom right of the plate. Next to this (in the centre of the plate) are our details as the supplier of the plate. Our road legal plates are fully reflective, display the correct spacing between characters and do not have a background pattern.

For more information please take a look at our blog post on the legal requirements of a number plate:


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Can I put an image or badge on a replacement plate?

We have a full selection of badges available for use on show plates but no images other than the approved flags may be used on replacement plates.If you want your plate to include emblems and badges then you must choose the ‘show plate’ option.

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Can I put a border on my replacement plate?

If you are making a number plate then adding a border can finish off your plate nicely. Show Plates Express offer a choice of thickness for your border, and offer the colours black, red, blue, green, grey, light grey, orange, pink and purple . Or, if you would prefer, we also offer a choice for no border.

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What fonts are for use on a road legal plate?

There are four fonts that can be used on a road legal plate:
– Standard
– 3D
– 3D Carbon
– 3D Highline

If you select the road legal option when using the plate maker then these are the only fonts you will be offered a choice of.

*Please note the 3D is a FONT not the illegal gel type raised text. It is our experience that these do not last and we do not sell them.*

If you select the show plate option you will also be offered another 22 different fonts to choose from, ensuring your show plate is as bespoke as possible.

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What size will my numberplate be?

Your number plate is available in three sizes:

Std. 4×4 279mm x 203mm (11in x 8in)
152mm x 102mm (6in x 4in)
165mm x 165mm (6.5in x 6.5in)
178mm x 108mm (7in x 4.25in)
177mm x 127mm (7in x 5in)
177mm x 140mm (7in x 5.5in)
177mm x 152mm (7in x 6in)
184mm x 110mm (7.25in x 4.25in)
184mm x 114mm (7.25in x 4.5in)
191mm x 152mm (7.5in x 6in))
191mm x 165mm (7.5in x 6.5in)
203mm x 51mm (8in x 2in)
203mm x 152mm (8in x 6in)
229mm x 51mm (9in x 2in)
229mm x 76mm (9in x 3in)
229mm x 165mm (9in x 6.5in)
254mm x 76mm (10in x 3in)
305mm x 76mm (12in x 3in)
305mm x 152mm (12in x 6in)
330mm x 111mm (13in x 4.4in)
330mm x 114mm (13in x 4.5in)
330mm x 152mm (13in x 6in)
330mm x 165mm (13in x 6.5in)
330mm x 172mm (13in x 6.75in)
330mm x 178mm (13in x 7in)
330mm x 203mm (13in x 8in)
356mm x 178mm (14in x 7in)
406mm x 111mm (16in x 4.4in)
406mm x 114mm (16in x 4.5in)
520mm x 121mm (20.5in x 4.75in)
520mm x 127mm (20.5in x 5in)
520mm x 140mm (20.5in x 5.5in)
520mm x 152mm (20.5in x 6in)
520mm x 165mm (20.5in x 6.5in)
533mm x 152mm (21in x 6in)
559mm x 152mm (22in x 6in)
565mm x 184mm (22.25in x 7.25in)
Aston Martin DB9 552x171mm
Jaguar XK8 552x171mm
Subaru Impreza 5dr.hatch 08-11 552x171mm
Aston Martin DBS 594x181mm
Aston Martin Vanquish 574x160mm
Jaguar X-Type Est. V2 574x160mm
Chrysler Crossfire 580x160mm
Citroen C5 585x128mm
Daihatsu Copen 520x200mm
Golf Mk 6 600x140mm
Honda CRV 597x175mm
Jaguar S-Type-V1 585x175mm
Jaguar S-Type-V2 565x165mm
Kia Picanto 565x165mm
Jaguar X-Type 560x162mm
Jaguar X-Type Est. V1 635x175mm
Rover 75 635x175mm
Jaguar XF 620x175mm
Jaguar XJ V1 610x150mm
Jaguar XJ V2 528x150mm
Jaguar XK150 528x150mm
Kia Sorento V1 585x174mm
PT Cruiser V2 585x174mm
Kia Sorento V2 670x165mm
Lexus IS200 V1 550x165mm
Lexus IS300 SportCross 625x174mm
Mazda 3 V1 740x172mm
Mini Cooper 544x174mm
Mondeo Mk 4 613x145mm
PT Cruiser V1 570x167mm
Rolls Royce Phantom 562x156mm
Range Rover Sport V1 615x150mm
Range Rover Sport V2 560x165mm
Range Rover Sport V3 645x185mm
Skoda Superb 600x169mm

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Will my numberplate come with pre-drilled holes?

Plates from Show Plate Express do not come with pre-drilled holes. This allows you to decide whether to fix your plates by our specially designed sticker pads or by screws. For your convenience our fitting kits come with both a screw set and a set of sticky pads designed to secure the plate to your vehicle. If you do choose to secure your plate with screws you can choose exactly where you want to place the holes.

We highly recommend that you select a fitting kit when you order your plates.

How can I fix my numberplate to my car?

You can fix your plates to your car with either a set of screws or our specially designed stickers.
To fit the plate to your vehicle we suggest you include a fitting kit with your order, which will be offered to you after you have designed your plate.

We recommend you use the sticky pads included in the fitting kit to secure your car or bike rather than manually inserting holes into the plates. The double sided sticky pads supplied in the kit will remove the requirement to drill into your plate.
Simply place the double sided sticky pads on the rear sides of the plate equidistant from each other. Please position the pads accurately as they are extremely sticky.
If you do decide to drill into the plate, do this from the back and not the front, and ensure the plate is held firmly in place.

What is a fitting kit? Where can I get one?

Ordering one of our fitting kits is an easy way of securing the plates to your vehicle and it gives you the flexibility to fit your plates using either the screws set or sticker pads.
A fitting kit comprises of:
– 2 yellow screw caps
– 4 coated self-tapping screws
– 2 white screw caps
– 6 double sided sticky pads
– 2 black screw caps

You will be offered a fixing kit once you have designed your plates.

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Do you sell personalised reg plates?

Show Plates Express are a manufacturer of show and number plates and we do not sell personalised plate numbers.

If your number plates are for on road registration purposes, once you have the right to use a licence plate number, please visit us again to get your plates manufactured.

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Do you sell just front/back plates?

Yes, we sell front plates, rear plates or both together. We sell bike plates and a full range of out-sized number plates for various car models.

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Is there a requirement on how many sets of plates am I allowed to order at once?

At present you can order up to 9/18 plates of the same design. If you have a multiple order of different designs please order your plates online by each design, please then email us and we will organise a discounted postage for a single order.

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Can I order over the phone?

No. We offer a very competitive price for a premium quality product. To keep our overheads low and so that we can pass on these savings to you we try to automate our service as much as possible. We also found taking orders by phone potentially created a margin for error. Using the online plate builder gives you full flexibility to explore various designs available. You also have the comfort that whatever you have chosen in our website number plate maker is what is produced in the factory.

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How can I cancel my order?

Please carefully check your design before ordering. We operate a state of the art, full automated print on demand solution. Once ordered designs cannot be changed

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How much is postage?

All plates are dispatched Recorded Delivery for extra peace of mind.
Standard Tracked £5.75

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How can I contact Show Plates Express?

We offer full email support. Please contact us on sales@showplatesexpress.com
We will endeavour to answer any question you may have.

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