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Posted by Sean Cooper
March 2nd, 2021 at 8:53 am

Christmas is a great time and we all love giving and receiving gifts, but sometimes it can be really tough to keep coming up with new, interesting and appropriate gifts, especially when the person you’re buying for is someone special you’ve been giving gifts to for a while now. If you’ve never thought about it before, why not buy that special someone a private number plate for the can, van, motorbike or whatever vehicle it is that they drive?

It couldn’t be easier

Buying gifts for people we care about can be a really pleasurable experience, but sometimes it can also be a time-consuming pain in the you-know-what too. If you want, you can spend as long as you like poring over our site looking for the number that’s exactly right for the person you’re buying for. But when it comes to the actual process of purchasing your chosen number plate it really is hard to think of another gift that’s less hassle to buy.

The entire process can be completed online in a few clicks, and the even better news is you can buy a plate as early or as last minute as you like. If you’re one of those people who like to relax in the warm, smug glow of having your Christmas shopping done before the leaves start falling from the trees, you can purchase a plate as early in the year as you like and sit on it until the big day. Even if it isn’t assigned to a vehicle a number plate remains valid for up to ten years, so it really is the perfect gift to buy if you like to get all your buying done early.

Likewise, if you’re the (perhaps more common?) type who leaves it all until the very last minute, a number plate is also the perfect thing for you to buy too. The last thing on Christmas Eve or even the early hours of Christmas Day is too late to get a physical number plate made up to hand over, but you can still buy a number online and print out the certificate to give as a present.

A gift that’s also an investment?

Be honest here for a moment. How much of the stuff you see given and received at Christmas is pretty much tat that will probably be discarded or forgotten about as soon as the person who gave it is out of sight? A private number plate isn’t just a novel gift that will raise a great big, warm smile when the person receiving it pens it on Christmas Day; it’s also a gift of genuine value that could even become worth more and more as time goes by. How many gifts that don’t cost the earth can you say that about?

Even if you choose a number that only really means something to the person you buy it for, it’s still an item that will probably always be worth at least what you paid for it and there aren’t too many things you can buy like that.

All budgets catered for

Even the cheapest number plates will cost you more than a decent box of chocolates, but you can easily pay more for a 100ml bottle of posh perfume or aftershave than you can get a number plate for. Of course, the sky is pretty much the limit in terms of price if you want to try and buy a number plate with very few characters, but there are all sorts of different plates to fit all budgets starting from less than £150. If you do want to push the boat out and stretch yourself for a particular plate you really must have that costs more than you can manage right now, there are even opportunities for you to finance a number plate the same way you would with any other relatively expensive gift.

Enduring and unforgettable

There are lots of reasons why a number plate makes a great gift, but perhaps the best thing about them is their enduring nature and the fact they are a gift that will never be forgotten. Even an expensive watch or piece of jewellery might not be worn every day, and there’s always the chance their style will go out of fashion. A number plate is something that will be seen and used every time that person uses their vehicle, and every time they see it they’ll think of you.

Number plates don’t deteriorate with age, they don’t go out of fashion, they’re always useful, they keep or even increase their value, they can’t break, you can transfer them from one vehicle to another, and unless you’re really careless with your paperwork they can’t even be stolen. If you can think of another gift you could buy this Christmas that ticks all those boxes it would be great to know what it is.

Whether you’re having the physical plates made up in advance, presenting the certificate of ownership, or even going nuclear by registering the plate to a vehicle you’re also giving as part of the gift, it’s hard to think of a better present than a private number plate. It could be a number that just stops people being able to tell the age of a vehicle, it could be a number that reads as something meaningful to the person you’re giving it to. Either way, a private number plate is a sensational gift to give the Christmas you’ll be proud to give.

There’s only one problem with buying a number plate for someone this Christmas though, and that’s how you can possibly think of something anywhere near as good for next year.